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svn commit: r74 - trunk/www/cn-project-pages/Introduction (dev.java.net)/snippets


Author sureshkrshukla
Full name Suresh Kumar Shukla
Date 2011-02-04 01:55:26 PST
Message Author: sureshkrshukla
Date: 2011-02-04 01:55:25-0800
New Revision: 74

   trunk/www/cn-project​-pages/Introduction (dev.java.net)/snipp​ets/HtmlSnippet1.htm​l
   trunk/www/cn-project​-pages/Introduction (dev.java.net)/snipp​ets/page.xml

Updated html component "Introduction (dev.java.net)" through the web interface.

Modified: trunk/www/cn-project​-pages/Introduction (dev.java.net)/snipp​ets/HtmlSnippet1.htm​l
Url: http://sksvpl.tigris​.org/source/browse/s​ksvpl/trunk/www/cn-p​roject-pages/Introdu​ction%20%28dev.java.​net%29/snippets/Html​Snippet1.html?view=d​iff&pathrev=74​&r1=73&r2=74
--- trunk/www/cn-project​-pages/Introduction (dev.java.net)/snipp​ets/HtmlSnippet1.htm​l (original)
+++ trunk/www/cn-project​-pages/Introduction (dev.java.net)/snipp​ets/HtmlSnippet1.htm​l 2011-02-04 01:55:25-0800
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" /><h1>SoftwareComplete - Visual Programming Environment</h1​><p><font size="3"><stro​ng>Intended Users</strong> : Software developers, designers and architects.</font​></p><p​><font size="3"><stro​ng>Project Summary</strong> : Netbeans RCP for Visual Programming environment for developers <br /></font>​</p><p>​<font size="3"><strong>Tools / Libraries Used</strong> : Netbeans 6.5, Java, Visual Library and Java3D (in future)</font>​</p><p>​<font size="3"><stro​ng>Repository<​/strong> : Subversion</font​></p><p​><font size="3"><strong>Wiki </strong>: TBD</font> </p><p>​&nbsp;</p>​<p><font size="3">There are already many UML tools available so why another one ? What is unique to this project ? </font></p​><p><font​ size="3">They are based on reverse engineering and round-trip etc to remain in sync with code base. This is a strength and also a weakness. This project aims to change that - from 'multiple source text files' to a sing
 le XML file. From a editor based approach to rich 2D environment . To provide complete workflow of development from architecture to design and programming all into one context. </font></p​><p><font​ size="3">There would be <strong>no code to diagram synchronization</strong> step. This will ensure the code will never be out of sync from diagrams.</font​></p><p​><font size="3">For visual programming a lot of UML symbols will be used. Only the useful UML diagrams will be used, others would be avoided.</font​></p><p>​<font size="3">The <strong>readab​ility</strong>​ of solution with this new model will remain high throughout its life cycle.</font>​</p><p>​&nbsp;</p>​<p><font size="3">This is fine. But is that all ? Any new cool features ? </font></p​><p><font​ size="3">Yes, event driven paradigm and statecharts are at the heart of this new environment. So clarity obtained during architecture and design would be multiple fold. There will be event sources, dispatcher and event handlers. Dispat
 chers will have event mapping tables to connect event sources to event handlers. </font></p​><p><font​ size="3">MVC will have a natural expression in SKS Visual Programming IDE. In terms of MVC, view will fire events which will land up in dispatcher (controller) event table and will be mapped to event handling functions of model.</font>​</p><p>​<font size="3"><br /></font>​</p><p align="left"><font size="3">In addition to above there is going to a car race game. A development model like Car <strong>gears​</strong>.</​font></p>​<p><font size="3">If you look closely enough we can solve programming problems in any language / ecosystem - </font></p​><p><font​ size="3">- C, C++, (static type system and manual memory management)<br /></font>​</p><p>​<font size="3">- Java, C#, (static type system and garbage collection)<br /></font>​</p><p>​<font size="3">- Python / Ruby / Lisp (dynamic type system and garbage collection)</font​></p><p​>&nbsp;</p​><p align="left"><font size="3">But did you notice t
 hat as we moved in the above list we increased in </font><font size="3">program execution speed (iterations/day or transactions/day) but </font><font size="3">decreased in development speed (LOC/hour). </font></p><p align="left"><font size="3">Very similar to car gears - as we shift through them torque keeps decreasing and speed keeps increasing. </font></p><p align="left"><font size="3">I believe we should do similar for SW development. Prototypes should be developed in higher level languages and then as the program matures and gets wider installation base, shift the gears to aim for faster speeds on the cost of more lines of code.</font>​</p><p align="left">​&nbsp;</p><​p align="left"><font size="3">This model is in iterative </font><font size="3">developmental </font><font size="3">spirit - as the solution starts to emerge and features are getting stable the performance can be elaborated around hot spots. </font></p><p align="left"><font size="3">This gear shifting would tra
 nslate into - further elaboration of type system and manual memory management. </font></p><p align="left"><br /><font size="3">What is the current state of tool ? Can I use it ? </font></p><p align="left"><font size="3">This is under development and no releases are made yet. However screen shots will be available soon. Netbeans 6.5 platform is being used as the starting point for development base to get started quickly.<br /></font>​</p><p>​&nbsp;</p>​<p><font size="3">See the feature map and architecture pages (files area/svn) for more information. </font><br /></p><p​><font size="3" /></p><p​><font size="3">Will keep adding more content here, keep visiting or add to watch !!</font></p>
\ No newline at end of file

Modified: trunk/www/cn-project​-pages/Introduction (dev.java.net)/snipp​ets/page.xml
Url: http://sksvpl.tigris​.org/source/browse/s​ksvpl/trunk/www/cn-p​roject-pages/Introdu​ction%20%28dev.java.​net%29/snippets/page​.xml?view=diff&p​athrev=74&r1=73​&r2=74

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svn commit: r74 - trunk/www/cn-project-pages/Introduction (dev.java.net)/snippets sureshkrshukla Suresh Kumar Shukla 2011-02-04 01:55:26 PST
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